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GB Wheelchair Cue Sports - Playing Rules

EBPF - English Blackball Pool Federation.  Blackball Rules

  • *NOTE The official Blackball Rules are in the process of being updated and made more user friendly and will be posted on the

  • EBA - European Blackball Association Website

  • IBF - International Blackball Federation Website

EPA - English Pool Association.  International 8 Ball Rules

GB Wheelchair Cue Sports - Events & Players Rules

1a. Registration on Friday will be from 5.30pm for 6pm start.

Registration on Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 9.45am for 10am start.

2a. Failure to turn up to an event after entering will result in loss of ranking points for that weekend.
2b. No match practice prior your matches on the day.
2c. If you're late to your match table when called you'll lose a frame every 5 minutes.
2d. Supporters need to be stood or seated away from match tables to ensure space for players.
2e. No talking to other players whilst in the process of a match.
2f. All mobile phones to be on silent or off during a match. If it rings whilst you're playing it will incur a foul.
2g. Any unsportsmanlike conduct during a match will result in automatic loss of match.


Please respect each other and the venue.

Referee Decisions:
3a. Referees call in a frame is final, even if you think a call was incorrect the referee has the final say and play will continue as directed.

Dress Code:
4a. Fri Black trousers, UP top must be worn.
Sat Black trousers, EPA top must be worn.
Sun Black trousers, EBPF top must be worn.
4b. New players to the tour will be exempt until a top has been provided; shoes can be worn to suit your comfort.

5a. A £10 fine or deduction from prize money will be incurred for not wearing the correct tour top on a match day.

6a. There will be a 1 hour lunch break during the afternoon.
6b. There will be enough time in-between matches for toilet use. Unless it's an emergency please don't keep leaving the table whilst playing.

7a. If the event has seeding then this will be determined by where you finish on that days competition for the next event.

Ranking Points:
8a. The 2023 season ranking points will consist of the below.

Round Robin Table Finishing Position.

  • 1st – 20 Points

  • 2nd – 15 Points

  • 3rd – 10 Points

  • 4th – 5 Points

Main Event Knockout

  • Winner – 50 Points

  • Runner Up – 25 Points

  • Semi Final 15 Points

  • Quarter Finals – 10 Points

Plate Event Knockout

  • Winner – 10 Points

  • Runner Up – 6 Points

  • Semi Final – 3 Points

9a. At any point during an event should there be an issue regarding matches etc, please see the match day tournament director (Jason Herczeg).

10a. If any player is found to be disruptive, abusive, argumentative to any member of the GB wheelchair tour organisers, referees, players. You will be removed with immediate effect.

Year end Rankings will also now act as qualification for both England National teams. The top 8 English players in both EPA and EBPF will have 1st choice for the 2024 season. Should they decide not to take up a spot then the next highest ranked player will be offered the chance.

Tournament Director

Jason Herczeg

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